Provoked by the alarming rate of quackery and its attendant negative effects on the practice of Architecture in Cross River State, Nigeria, the State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Architects had, on 21st June, 2017, issued what many people would come to refer to as a “price list” for services rendered.

The notice which was signed by the Cross River State Chapter Chairman, Arc. Emmanuel Etu and Chapter Secretary, Arc. (Dr) A. E. Obia, and which has again begun generating reactions and controversies read as follows;

“It has come to the notice of the Nigeria Institute of Architects, Cross River State Chapter that a lot of fraudulent acts, abuse, quackery, impersonation amongst others are being daily perpetuated against the practice of Architecture by non-architects (quacks), resulting in several inappropriate designs being submitted and inappropriate Government approvals granted in town Planning Department of Ministry of Lands and Urban Development.

With effect from 21st June, 2017, the Nigerian Institute of Architects, Cross River State Chapter hereby approves the use of provisional Handling Charges Schedule I and II for basic professional architectural services to be rendered.

These Schedules as approved by the State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Architects stipulate Provisional Handling Charges for corresponding architectural services to be rendered by the Architect.

All members of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, Cross River State Chapter are by this notice, therefore reminded to comply fully with these provisional handling charges and their corresponding minimum drawings, specifications and technical requirements thereof”.

However, what many people are yet to understand is the position of this new ‘price list’ against the NIA’s Professional Scale of Fees, especially as the prices published above are hinted to be ‘take – off points’ or ‘minimum charges’ for every Cross River State Chapter Architect.

Preliminary data gathering revealed that most people suspiciously view the provisional handling charges as “too swift an action”, even as the attempt to rid the profession of quacks is welcome.

According to one of our sources, “Architects are paid by the man hours put into any given project, and this includes coordinating other allied professionals. The NIA, to the best of my knowledge has a recently updated scale for hourly rates for each level of the profession, and that should suffice.”

He also hinted on his fears that in this case and with this notice, things like complexity of individual projects and specifications seem to have not been taken into account.”

“Not only will the list trivialize the practice of Architecture, it also has the ability to ridicule the economic status of architects and do very little to check quackery”, another concerned architect said.

In all, most respondents were critical of the prices and wanted to know the extent to which this Order is effective; if it is binding only within Cross River State or would be inclusive of projects executed outside the state by Cross River State Chapter members.”


In a similar development, the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has published guidelines and requirements for its final ACP (Architects Competence Programme) and ARP (Architects Regularization Programme) for year 2017.

The publication, signed by the ARCON Registrar, Arc. Umar Murnai and obtained from Daily Trust, indicates that closing date for submission of applications is the 4th of September, 2017, and that application fees vary between 70, 000 naira for the ARP and 120,000 naira for the ACP.

According to the publication also, all application forms are to be downloaded from the ARCON website,

See details in attached images.
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