There is no doubt that what seems to be an unending rift between the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) and the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has generated a lot sympathy for the NIA on the part of the public.

While a greater number of Architects in Nigeria view this altercation as an outright case of intimidation and show of government might by the ARCON, others simply would wish that anything be done to resolve the issue.

For something to be done however, a general concensus on what direction the solution is to take will have to be reached.

From 27th of August, 2017, after an emergency general meeting was convened by the NIA, and which agenda was allegedly disrupted by an ex-parte court injunction, the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), according to a source who would rather remain anonymous, has continued to seek conclusive solutions.

According to our source also, the aftermath of that meeting held in Ibadan saw the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) begin to meet stakeholders, sue for peace and call for slight ammendments to the electoral laws.

This dispute between the ARCON and the NIA and the attempt thereafter to amend inhouse electoral laws may not be unconnected with the recent move by some architects who have gone ahead to establish and incoporate with the Coporate Affairs Commission, a new body of Nigerian architects registered as “Association of Nigerian Chartered Architects“. has been able to obtain the new Association’s constitution, and information reaching us from a source within the association indicates that as is the practice, the newly registered body would begin Press releases in some of Nigeria’s daily newspapers sometime this week.

The Question therefore becomes of morality, Law and Legalities.

Faced with legal complications in the fight to resolve its issues with the ARCON, as our sources say, the NIA may need to decide if it is right to tamper with its electoral laws in a bid to prevent the outcome of an established electoral procedure, while it continues at the same time and on the other hand to press the courts to uphold legalities in its own case with the ARCON

Moreover, the new ‘Association of Nigerian Chartered Architects’ will also in its own due, be faced with issues of government regulation and recognition by the ARCON Act, as the Act only recognizes “the Institute”.

As a pointer also, popular opinion indicates that in the absence of either legal recognition by the ARCON Act or affiliation with the NIA, the new association may only be able to function as a registered company or an unofficial gathering of Nigerian architects.

Sadly, and in the midst of all these unfortunate developments, the generality of Nigerian architects though optimistic, still do not know what direction the profession is taking as regards the architects’ register, representations and regulations.

Click link to access the ANCA Constitition


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